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    Assigning Admin Jobs


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    Assigning Admin Jobs Empty Assigning Admin Jobs

    Post  Joeyst3 on Wed May 30, 2012 8:38 pm

    In order to maintain the structure we are trying to uphold in our server, the staff needs to be organized and specialized. If we can assign a focus to each admin, we can evenly spread out the work so players don't get confused and we don't get overworked.

    All of the below jobs are on top of moderating the mods, who moderate the players who misbehave.

    Possible Jobs:

    Region/Nation Manager
    Creates regions for players and makes sure certain requirements are met before region based class bonuses. Must collect coords from each new region and log the specifics (who is the leader, the members, entrances, etc etc) on the forum.

    Rank/Class(or guild) Manager
    Ranks players up when they have the requirements, and switches classes (or guilds) when asked. Must log class (or guild) changes on a certain forum so the region/nation manager can make sure the player has a ______ member for a certain region bonus.

    Any more?

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