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    Post  Joeyst3 on Tue May 29, 2012 6:29 am

    1 ) No spamming.
    2 ) Don't make another thread on the same/similar topic. Such as a map reset, we only need one thread.
    3 ) Threads/discussions about Drugs, Sex, Physical Abuse, Gore, Racism/Stereotypes, etc. are not allowed. I don't want to hear it here.
    4 ) Do not ask for moderator status for the forums. The entire staff currently is people I know and trust in real life.
    5 ) Don't make threads where the only purpose of the thread is to have it locked/moved/removed.
    6 ) Make sure you post threads in the right forums. I don't want to see a request for a plugin on something like reports or questions. We have a requests forum!
    7 ) Attempting to find & abused a loophole in the rules will result in the loophole getting fixed and you getting punished. Feel free to post potential loopholes in suggestions so I can fix them.
    8 ) Respect each other. Debates and arguements are allowed, but as soon as someone calls someone a name or posts something that puts down another player, the thread gets locked.
    9 ) No impersonating other players, from this server or another, or impersonating a public figure (Notch or anyone from PMC). I contact the actual person to make sure they are actually registered here.
    10 ) No extreme page stretching pictures/text. I don't mind screenshots that take up a lot of the page, or word walls, just no spam images/text that are made with the intention of stretching the page.
    11 ) No advertising other servers, games, youtube channels, sites, etc. on this forum.

    If you feel an admin wrongly punished you, post something in the reports forum. There, everyone is on equal ground. Nobody except me can punish a player or admin for what they say there. Everything applies to Signatures and Avatars.

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