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    In-game Rules


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    In-game Rules Empty In-game Rules

    Post  Joeyst3 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:48 am

    Chat Rules

    1 3 Points) Swearing is allowed. Swearing at people is not. "Shit! I just dug up and found lava!" is fine. "You're a fucking idiot!" is not.

    2 6 Points) No racist comments, including accents or things that you know someone else will take offence to if they were of a certain race.

    3 Varying Points) Arguing with an admin is OK. Admins are not always correct. Don't let it get out of hand though. If it escalates too much, do it on these forums instead.

    4 10 Points) Arguing with another player should be left to private chat (/msg) or party chat (/p {your message}). Not public chat.

    5 10 Points) Listen to admins to avoid making situations worse. If they use material that is not in the forum's ruleset as broken rule for you, you do not need to listen. Use your judgement on which rules you broke, and complain on the forums if a staff member's actions were unjust.

    Game Rules

    1 20 Points) Use of mods, hacked clients, macros, xray texture packs, or any other hack is forbidden.

    2 5 Points) No Spawn Killing or Spawn camping. Every /warp is considered a spawn. No camping right on the border of a pvp off zone. Let people get out and walk a while before fighting them.

    3 5 Points) Don't kill level zero members, unless they are raiding you or attacking you. After you kill them once, you cannot attack them again until they attack you again.

    4 10 Points) If you find an exploit with any of our plugins (free items, money, xp, etc), report it here and do not abuse it/say it in public chat. The more people who abuse it, the more rollbacks we need to do to fix it.

    5 9 Points) No skins depicting nudity, stereotypes (racial or not), or certain people in history that have been involved with things such as WWII. AKA no Nazi/World Leader skins.

    6) 9 Points Structures/signs that depict anything in rule 5 (swastikas, for example) are not allowed. We can see who placed it.

    If you get over 25 points, you are banned until the points wear off. Points are cleared at a rate of 1 per day. If you have 26 points, you are banned for a day. On top of this, fines and kicks can be issued for smaller point milestones.

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