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    List of Potential Plugins?


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    List of Potential Plugins? Empty List of Potential Plugins?

    Post  Joeyst3 on Wed May 30, 2012 6:10 am

    We had a bunch of discussion on what plugins the server should use.

    Mob Repellent: Requires like 6 iron blocks to make, no new client

    City Guard: You can spawn mobs to protect a region. This can be limited easily to avoid abuse/lag.

    Mcmmo and Worldguard: Obviously.

    iConomy: Our currency will be with this plugin.

    I am requesting that one plugin that creates different kinds of dungeons and strongholds in new chunks. People like exploring new things, and if they are subtle enough not to hinder actual travel (like that skyworld plugin), people shouldn't mind having more dungeons to crawl through.

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